Welcome to the Future of Energy Management - Smart Metering for the Future Smart Building

Welcome to
the future
of energy

Smart Metering For
The Future Smart Building

Prescriptive Data LLC, Is an analytics and software development company based in New York City, specialized in facility operations and energy management applications. We offer customized suite of energy solutions for business’ looking to improve their energy usage and daily operational practices. One Such solution is PDeM – Prescriptive Data Energy Manager, allows clients to efficiently manage and monitor their facilities utility operating expenses by allowing them to identify wasteful energy practices from a single tenant space to an entire portfolio.

Prescriptive Data clients consist of owners of flagship buildings throughout New York and California. PDeM provides property owners, managers, and tenants the ability to recover utility cost and meet sustainability / energy efficiency goals.

Prescriptive Data Energy Manager’s reporting functionality includes:

  • Near real-time monitoring and reporting of all energy consumption.
  • Green-house-gas emissions (GHG), Energy efficiency, and Environmental data.
  • Energy benchmarking reporting.
  • Utility financial reporting cost.
  • Historical Energy Usage.
  • Usage profile by meter, data point and facility.
  • Analytics, management and data export tool.
  • Remote energy reading and billing module for all leasing requirement.
  • Billing Analysis.